Bunny Hop!

Bring the kids on WMSR’s Bunny Hop train. This 2 hour diesel train ride will depart from our Cumberland Station and head to an Easter-egg hunt location. Children will even have the opportunity to meet the Easter Bunny at the Station!




$ $2500

Additional fees will apply to the rates listed above.

Group discounts do not apply.

Bunny Hop!

Select a date below to buy tickets:

Saturday Sunday
April 1 (11:00 am) April 2 (1:00 pm)
April 1 (2:00 pm)  —-
 —-  April 9 (1:00 pm)
 April 8 (11:00 am)
 April 8 (2:00 pm)
April 15 (11:00 am)
April 15 (2:00 pm)
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