1309 Restoration Restart | Week 1

We are excited to announce that the first full week under the 1309 Restoration Restart has wrapped up.  The crews are making a large amount of progress to push us closer to the re-wheeling.  This, of course, is made possible by your generous support.  Here are a few pictures and descriptions of what has been happening.

Robert has been welding, profiling, and dressing the 12 brake-shoe holders that will bring the locomotive to a stop.

Nathaniel installs pedestals inside the front engine frame that will serve as mounting points for the lubrication distribution system.

WMSR #1309 catches a few rays of sunshine as work continues forward in May 2020.

1 of 2 cross-compound steam driven air compressors being prepared for eventual installation on the front of WMSR #1309’s massive smokebox.

Front engine #1309. Pilot, lubrication, and rail washing systems have received attention this week.


The momentum builds as shop forces prepare the two engines for being installed in their rightful location underneath #1309’s massive boiler.

Soon the front engine will be reinstalled underneath the boiler.

#1309 is ready for the next step.

Western Maryland Railroad has been providing excursions of all kinds for over 30 years in the heart of Mountain Maryland.  We are a 501 (c) 3 not for profit organization that has a focus on heritage railroading through restoration, education, and experience.

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